When You Feel Like Dozing Off at Work

The Mid-Afternoon Slump

If I happened to be in a conference room meeting at work, say, around 2pm in the afternoon, and was required to ask just 1 question to the attendees, do you know what I would ask?

I would look around at the long faces present, consider the importance of the meeting in question, take a deep breath, and ask this – ‘How many of you would rather be taking a nap right now? And I would bet my salary that, if they were being honest, a majority of hands would go up.

And in this dream scenario, we would then gather our stuff up, file out of the room, and all retreat back to our offices with plush bean bags to doze off for an hour!

Can you relate?

I can’t count how many times I’ve pretended to be doing work while my mind was working at a considerably lower pace than it had been just a few hours earlier in the morning! This is why power naps are so helpful. This is why Spain is famous for the siesta!

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