Payroll Gifts

Payroll Gift Ideas

Payroll accountants need some love every now and then! Take it from someone who ran payroll for years! If it weren’t for the consistent reliability of whoever runs payroll, employees wouldn’t consistently receive their bi-weekly (or bi-monthly) paychecks!

How nice it is to see that automatic deposit in your checking account, on time every time. A payroll specialist has to always be on top of their game in order to get payroll submitted accurately and on time. Otherwise, someone may be on the receiving end of an erroneous cut in pay, or on the other hand, perhaps a surprise bump in pay! Now…mistakes happen every now and then, but a good payroll accountant will take the necessary steps to correct any errors as soon as possible!

So go ahead and treat your favorite payroll accountant to a special treat to thank them for their work!

Here are just a few “Accounting Artist” payroll gift ideas, available at The Accounting Artist Etsy shop:

First Coffee, Then Payroll Mug

"payroll mug", "payroll gift", "payroll coffee mug"
First Coffee Then Payroll Mug

This mug is for payroll accountants that need to get the coffee flowing before getting the payroll flowing! It features an image of a coffee mug next to a hand delivering a paycheck.

Pay-Roll Art Print on Sustainable Wood Panel

"payroll art", "payroll print", "payroll poster", "payroll gift"
Payroll Art

This humorous payroll art is printed on a beautiful, sustainable wood panel! It features artwork of an employee receiving their paycheck, rolling down a hill, then jumping for joy.

Payroll Rolling Ball of Cash Art Print

"payroll art", "payroll poster", "payroll print", "payroll decor", "payroll gift"
Payroll Rolling Ball of Cash Art Print

Printed on archival and acid-free luster paper, this painting is a playful interpretation of the function of processing payroll – it’s a continuous cycle that just keeps going, with cash flying out in all directions!

Bulk Discounts

If you would like to purchase any items to give as client gifts, bulk discounts are available. Just send an email to for more information!


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