The Evolution of the Hunter

The Caveman and the Wooly Mammoth

In modern times, it’s hard to imagine going around and hunting for a wooly mammoth, which early humans did more than 10,000 years ago! I think that to hunt a wooly mammoth would have taken some big cojones. Hunters nowadays just shoot animals with a gun, many of them harmless animals at that! Not only that, modern hunters just hunt animals for recreation (at least in developed countries), whereas early humans hunted for survival.

Fast Forward 10,000 Years

Nowadays, many people are working in modern office buildings for ‘survival’! Or, in other words, to earn a paycheck in order to buy food, take care of the kids, and pay the bills. Our challenges are of a different kind…like having to keep our email inbox organized, or…battling with the infamous uncooperative office printer!

In thinking about these contrasts between hunting wooly mammoths for survival and wrestling with an office printer, it occurred to me to draw this art with a twist of humor:

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The Evolution of the Hunter – Funny Office Art Print

On one side, a caveman is going after the wooly mammoth, which is standing on top of the printer. On the other side, a modern office worker has had about enough with the printer, ready to give it a good whack with his briefcase!

Prints of this “The Evolution of the Hunter” office art are available at The Accounting Artist store, with an option to frame, starting at $19.99.



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